Zach Starnes

Web Developer & Programming Enthusiast


2232 Floral Ridge Drive
Dacula, GA 30019
(770) 380-9547

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I am a computer nerd from Dacula Georgia with a love for programming and developing software. My love for programming started three years ago while I was watching a friend develop a simple website. I was blown away by the how software development allows you to create anything. Ever since that day I have been obsessed with learning more about software development and creating innovative applications. In my spare time I develop websites, web applications and iOS applications.

Southern Polytechnic State University / Kennesaw State University Bachelors of Sofware Engineering

Currently Enrolled (Expected 2018)

Georgia Perimeter College Accociates of Computer Science

2012 - 2013 (Trasferred)





J. Christophers Assistant Manager

My responsibilities at J. Christophers as an Assistant Manager were to run the store on my days, making sure all customers were taken care of and that all employees stayed on track and completed their assigned tasks. Other responsibilities included doing payroll for the employees and placing food orders when needed.

Motivator Systems Junior Web Developer

My responsibilities at Motivator Systems include helping to develop a job tracking database web application for a mid-sized company. This included developing and styling forms, writing server side code in Symfony/PHP to create controllers and models to interact with client side forms, as well as developing backend systems to connect with Microsoft Exchange accounts and other various systems such as a per-page locking mechanism.

Staples Copy & Print Associate

While working at Staples I had the responsibility of taking care of customer’s copy and print needs. I ensured that every print job was high quality and adhered to the customer’s needs. I made it a personal goal to make sure every customers print job was exactly what they wanted.

Fanatic Fanz Sales Associate

While working for Fanatic Fanz I was responsible for greeting customers and helping them make purchase decisions. I often had the opportunity to run the store by myself and I feel that this has given me a unique perspective on what it takes to successfully run a business.

Chilli's Bar & Grill Waiter

As a waiter at Chilies I worked as part of a team to ensure customer satisfaction and service. In order to do so I made sure to communicate effectively with the kitchen staff and the rest of the team to make sure our customers’ needs were met and they left with a good experience. While managing the tables my partner and I were also responsible for completing side work throughout the shift to make sure everything in the back stayed full and clean.

Backend Dashboard

Backend Management System - Dashboard

This backend management system was made to manage the company's jobs, employees, and data. The system is completely responsive and features many components such as multirelational databases, entity locking mechanism and multiple forms for communication with the database tables. I was responsible for creating all the forms so the user was able to save data and making sure the components worked correctly with the database. One of the main features was the flow and funcitonality of the system had to make it as easy as possible for the company to enter and find data.

The image to the left shows the dashboard of the system that was the central hub for the company to see all the immediate information that was most needed. From this dashboard they were able to edit any jobs or companies that were in the lists and they are able to navigate the system to add or modify all entered information.
Backend Dashboard

Backend Management System - Data Entry

This image features one of the data entry pages that allows the company to add any amount of information about someone that they need. All data is then saved to the appropriate table in the database and can be accessed from many points in the system for later reference and modification.

There are multiple security measures put in place to prevent any employees that are not supposed to see the information from getting to it. Each user level has it's own role that is given certain permissions that restricts that user from seeing information that is not meant to be seen. Each form is completely responsive the hides information that is not immediatly needed. This information can be accessed by entering certain areas of the page. This was done so that the page was not cluttered and so the users could get to the most important information as fast as possible.